The Socialist

The Socialist 26 November 2008

Spend, spend, spend on the banks but cuts, cuts, cuts for the NHS

Darling's prescription... It's spend, spend, spend on the banks... but cuts, cuts, cuts for the NHS

Top-up payments for private health care another step towards two-tier National Health

Socialist 'deal' for environment needed

Campaign Against Climate Change march

Alistair Darling's pre Budget Report: Pain now, pay later

Activists discuss how to reclaim Unison

Meeting pledges to fight witch-hunt

Unison leadership takeover Newham branch

Manchester: No redundancies at IMI!

Strike saves jobs at Fiddlers Ferry

Organise to save jobs

BNP membership list: A weak divided party exposed

New Labour hypocrisy on racism

Youth Against Racism gig

Campaigning to save post offices

Rover's ex-workers wage cut scandal

China's food contamination crisis deepens

Defend abortion rights

Art and revolution

Somalia piracy - a consequence of western powers' intervention

France: Education strikes on the agenda


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