The Socialist

The Socialist 11 November 2009

Fight for real jobs and free education

Fight for real jobs and free education

End the war in Afghanistan: Bring the troops back now!

Socialism 2009: An excellent weekend!

Postal workers force management back

Unison witch-hunt: Defend the Four campaign gets a boost

RMT conference on political representation

20 years after fall of Berlin Wall, capitalist triumphalism turns rotten

General Motors - no to 'divide and rule' in Germany

Ireland: 90,000 march against government cuts

United Socialist Party congress delegates defy difficult conditions in Sri Lanka

Leeds bin strike - week ten

London bus strike

Strikes force concessions

Steelworkers get organised and score a victory over bonus payments


College strike

Big business fights for fees: Students must fight back

Internationally young people fight for their rights

Reclaim the game by John Reid

Anti-fascists tactics - What happened in Newport?


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