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Workplace and TU campaigns keywords:

35-hour week (18)

Aer Lingus (5)

Agency workers (34)

Airport (35)

Amicus (52)

Anti-union laws (49)

Argos (6)

Aslef (49)

AUT (7)

Axiom (3)

BAA (3)

BBC (135)

Besna (15)

Bin workers (32)

Blacklisting (86)

Bloc (1)

BMW (18)

Bosch (2)

British Airways (59)

BT (38)

Burslem 12 (9)

Bus workers (62)

Cadbury (5)

Cadbury-Schweppes (3)

Call Centres (16)

Car workers (35)

Care worker (7)

Care workers (60)

Civil Service (160)

Classroom assistants (7)

Cleaners (93)

Clyde (1)

Coastguards (7)

Compulsory redundancy (6)

Construction (205)

Construction workers (147)

Corus (36)

Council workers (113)

Crossrail (5)

CWU (271)

Dockers (15)

Docks (7)

Drivers (112)

DVLA (16)

DWP (132)

Electricians (62)

EPIU (3)

facility time (8)

FBU (189)

Fiddlers Ferry (9)

Firefighters (162)

Ford (88)

Fujitsu (9)

Gate Gourmet (7)

General Motors (11)

Glaxo Smith Kline (1)

GMB (169)

Health and safety (54)

Heinz (6)

Honda (7)

Jaguar (16)

Jane Norman (1)

Jarvis (6)

JCB (11)

JIB (6)

JJB Sports (4)

Jobcentre (36)

Jobs (1221)

Journalists (61)

Lecturers (71)

Linamar (40)

Lindsey (39)

Lindsey Oil Refinery (26)

Local government (176)

London underground (125)

LOR (12)

Lucas Aerospace (1)

Manufacturing (39)

Metro (28)

Metronet (13)

Milford Haven (8)

Miners (135)

Ministry of Justice (11)


Natfhe (10)

National Grid (1)

NUJ (57)

Nurses (84)

NUT (316)

Oilc (4)

Outsourcing (22)

PCS (713)

People's Charter (1)

Peugeot (8)

Pfizer (4)

POA (66)

Port workers (3)

Postal dispute (25)

Postal workers (127)

Printers (1)

Prison officers (38)

Railworkers (8)

RCN (12)

Redundancies (89)

Redundancy (12)

Refinery (33)

Refuse workers (14)

Remploy (49)

Reps (40)

RMT (536)

Rover (30)

Saltend (18)

Seafarers (6)

Shelter (26)

Shipyard (3)

Shop Stewards (194)

Siemens (3)

Single status (27)

Sita (6)

Social workers (10)

Sodexo (7)

Stagecoach (14)

Staythorpe (1)

Steel (65)

Strike (2312)

Sunday trading (1)

Superdrug (3)

Supermarket (24)

Teachers (385)

Textile (7)

TGWU (55)

Thomas Cook (1)

Total (9)

Toyota (1)

Trade union (378)

Trade Union Freedom Bill (4)

Trade unions (258)

Train drivers (16)

TSSA (40)

Tube Lines (3)

Tube workers (43)

Tubelines (3)

Twinings (2)

UCATT (27)

UCU (133)

Unfair dismissal (12)

Unions (737)

Unison (828)

Unison witchhunt (5)

Unite (595)

Usdaw (73)

Vauxhall (25)

Vestas (24)

Visteon (89)

Volkswagen (5)

Waterford Crystal (1)

Wedgwood (1)

Whipps Cross (52)

Zero-hour contracts (93)

Reports and campaigns:

Anti-capitalism (1004)

Anti-fascist (451)

Anti-racism (552)

Anti-war (1259)

Asylum (145)

Black and Asian (309)

Children (275)

CNWP (108)

Corporate crime (2)

Disability (170)

Education (3312)

Election campaigns (2014)

Environment (525)

EU (279)

Finance (67)

Food (231)

Health and safety (23)

Health and welfare (230)

Housing (771)

Human Rights (317)

LGBT Pride (107)

Local government (1821)

Local services (3116)

Low pay (324)

Migration (36)

Nationalisation (105)

New workers party (413)

NHS (1492)

Pensions (625)

Post Office (187)

Poverty (446)

Privatisation (835)

Public Services (857)

Socialism (656)

Sport (163)

Stop the slaughter of Tamils (78)

Students (1509)

The state (1116)

Transport (429)

TUSC (907)

Welfare rights (598)

Women (585)

Workplace and TU campaigns (7189)

Youth (1717)

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Workplace and TU campaigns / PCS

27 May 2016

BIS office closure: Anger and determination to fight on

Confirmation of the Business, Innovation and Skills Sheffield office closure came on 26 May

More ...

25 May 2016

Link the strikes - come to the NSSN conference

Every week sees more workers taking action - how do we make a breakthrough against the bosses' offensive and the Tory cuts?

More ...

19 May 2016

PCS BIS staff strike against office closure

PCS members in the department of Business, Innovation and Skills took strike action to save their Sheffield office

More ...

18 May 2016

"Where's Carwyn?"

National Museum Wales workers, on indefinite strike, rallied in Cardiff

More ...

18 May 2016

PCS leads the way in fightback against Tories

What a difference a year makes! Last year's PCS (civil servants' union) conference took place in the immediate aftermath of the Tory election victory. All the pessimists in leading positions in the labour and trade union movement shied away from a fight against what they saw as an all-powerful government.

More ...

18 May 2016

Government defeated by check-off court challenge

13 May was a day marked by many in Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) PCS group. Following a legal challenge launched by the group and supported by the national union, the High Court upheld PCS' case

More ...

18 May 2016

BIS members strike to save jobs and keep offices open

PCS members at Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) sites will be striking on the 19 May to stop their jobs being moved to London and keep their offices open, writes Marion Lloyd, PCS union group president in Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

More ...

4 May 2016

Llanelli May Day demo rallies support for steelworkers and anti-cuts fight

Saving steel jobs and fighting council cuts was the focus for over 50 trade unionists, socialists and political activists who attended Llanelli Trades Council and Carmarthenshire Unison's May Day rally on 30 April, writes Rob Owen.

More ...

4 May 2016

Civil service: fighting the pay freeze

PCS has been campaigning against austerity for many years including the public sector pay freeze. We have argued that the best way to defeat the pay freeze is to build joint coordinated action across the public sector but despite this being official TUC policy, they and other key unions have failed to build this action. While continuing to press this demand, PCS is campaigning to win settlements that will improve our members' wages wherever possible.

More ...

27 April 2016

Workplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Wales museum walkout; North Sea oil stoppage; justice for janitors strike; Glasgow GMB action ballot; Southern conductors down tools.

More ...

25 April 2016

Trade Union Bill concessions made - now fight to scrap the lot!

Removing the attack on check-off is welcome but the unions' campaign needs to be stepped up, argues John McInally

More ...

20 April 2016

PCS national elections: vote for Democracy Alliance

The Socialist Party supports the slate put forward by the Democracy Alliance, which includes seven Socialist Party members, including president Janice Godrich and vice-president John McInally, up for re-election.

More ...

13 April 2016

Save BIS Sheffield: we won't be a Northern Poorhouse!

John McDonnell described Sheffield as the City of Resistance. It certainly felt like it on 9 April as 700 people marched

More ...

6 April 2016

Northern Powerhouse or Northern poorhouse?

Save BIS Sheffield: The Tory government wants the complete destruction of the civil service - its latest attack could see more than 600 government buildings close throughout the UK.

More ...

6 April 2016

Land Registry workers ready to fight privatisation

At 5pm on the evening before parliament recessed for Easter, plans to consult on the proposed privatisation of Land Registry were sneakily released by George Osborne's office.

More ...

6 April 2016

Stop divisive attacks on pensioners' cash

Iain Duncan Smith's resignation from the Department for Work and Pensions opened up another malevolent attack on pensioners.

More ...

30 March 2016

Workplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles.

More ...

16 March 2016

Living wage lie: end low pay with 10 an hour now!

A feature on low pay featuring articles by a Tesco worker, a public sector trade unionist and the experiences of a zero-hour contract worker

More ...

16 March 2016

Don't give state funds to reactionary Ukip and Tory EU 'outers'

A recent meeting of the PCS civil servants' union national executive committee (NEC) gave a big boost to the campaign under way to stop millions of pounds of public funding being given to Tory and Ukip Brexit campaigners

More ...

9 March 2016

"Our wages have been frozen for nine years" - a day in the life of a court worker

Around 75% of the staff in my office are women, something which is reflected throughout the civil service. This is because unions played a critical role in the creation of the public sector as we know it.

More ...

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