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9 November 2001

What Future For The Socialist Alliance?

THE SOCIALISM 2001 debate on the future of the Socialist Alliance (SA) was a no-holds-barred contest between the Socialist Party and the Socialist Workers Party in which the different political perspectives, analysis and methods of work were clearly delineated...

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2 November 2001

ISR Rally: Fighting For A Socialist Future

THE CLOSING rally of Socialism 2001 was hosted by International Socialist Resistance (ISR). It was an exciting finale to what had been a very inspiring weekend of socialism discussion and debate...

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31 August 2001

Come to Socialism 2001

A discussion on the future of the Left in Britain: Socialism 2001 is a weekend of discussion and debate organised by the Socialist Party. It is an opportunity for anyone who is angry at the poverty and inequality in society, for anyone who is fighting...

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