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Education / Teachers

29 October 2015

Teachers and 'growth mindset'

How can we help students excel? In schools up and down the country, teacher training sessions are taking place on 'growth mindset'.

More ...

7 October 2015

Anger after violent youth deaths

Hundreds of angry residents packed into the Honor Oak Community Centre to discuss the recent violent deaths of two teenagers

More ...

30 September 2015

Free school meals cut as poor children go hungry

Tories plan to starve working class kids by cutting universal free school meals for children under seven.

More ...

30 September 2015

USA: Socialists breaking 'political stagnation'

Socialist Alternative Seattle city councillor, Kshama Sawant, is seeking re-election on 3 November.

More ...

9 September 2015

Children suffer as the cuts deepen

Are schoolchildren getting more badly behaved? If so, why?

More ...

2 September 2015

Youth Fight Austerity

Young and angry? Whether you are studying, working or unemployed in Britain today, you come up against the Tories' agenda.

More ...

29 July 2015

The menopause: breaking the taboo

An issue for all workers and their trade unions: The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has issued guidance to GPs and health professionals about how to treat and support women experiencing the menopause - and it's about time too!

More ...

15 July 2015

Cardiff teachers strike against 'death wish' workload

Teachers at Fitzalan High School in Cardiff struck on 9 July against new timetables. The dispute could be a test case for the council's attempts to force more from workers.

More ...

15 July 2015

Labour council axes union facility time

Coventry council, a Labour-controlled authority, is planning draconian cuts to facility time - union reps' time for trade union duties.

More ...

14 July 2015

College e-learning mustn't replace teachers

Staff and students at Salford City College have been mobilising against job losses

More ...

8 July 2015

Terrorism and classroom spying

The Tunisian massacre of tourists has led, unfortunately, to a knee-jerk reaction from the Tory government to try and stop 'the radicalisation of young Muslims'.

More ...

8 July 2015

NSSN conference 2015: "We could stop austerity in its tracks"

Militant trade unionists from across the country gave inspiring accounts of strikes and struggles against austerity. Britain needs a 24-hour general strike.

More ...

8 July 2015

Education under attack! Reports from the front line of the fightback

Teachers take action against education cuts in Salford, Leeds, Bradford, Swansea, Sussex and Stafford.

More ...

1 July 2015

Workplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles.

More ...

Sedgehill school students protest against academies in Lewisham, photo Lewisham SP

10 June 2015

Strikes and bold campaigning can beat academy plans

Martin Powell-Davies, secretary of Lewisham National Union of Teachers (NUT) branch and national executive member, explains how Lewisham's teachers, students and parents beat plans to make local schools into academies

More ...

27 May 2015

Waltham Forest teachers demand decent pay

Last week around 60 Waltham Forest teachers packed into a local NUT meeting in support of a campaign to win a pay upgrade to the level of the inner London pay scale

More ...

20 May 2015

Management thrashed in academies debate

Students, staff and parents gave management a sound drubbing in a south London debate over whether three schools should be converted into academies, writes Beth Sutcliffe, Lewisham Socialist Party.

More ...

photo Martin Reynolds

8 April 2015

Teachers want action on cuts and workload

NUT conference voted to ballot for action if austerity plans go on

More ...

photo Karl Lang

1 April 2015

Teachers need national action

NUT conference delegates are discussing how to fight attacks on pensions, pay and workload

More ...

photo Paul Mattsson

1 April 2015

Save our schools

Education will be a vital question on people's minds in the general election and local elections on 7 May. But most voters will have very different priorities from the Tory-Liberal Democrat coalition government

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