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Workplace and TU campaigns keywords:

35-hour week (17)

Aer Lingus (5)

Agency workers (29)

Airport (30)

Amicus (52)

Anti-union laws (17)

Argos (6)

Aslef (38)

AUT (7)

Axiom (3)

BAA (3)

BBC (109)

Besna (14)

Bin workers (27)

Blacklisting (67)

Bloc (1)

BMW (18)

Bosch (2)

British Airways (55)

BT (31)

Burslem 12 (9)

Bus workers (58)

Cadbury (5)

Cadbury-Schweppes (3)

Call Centres (15)

Car workers (35)

Care worker (4)

Care workers (55)

Civil Service (151)

Classroom assistants (7)

Cleaners (83)

Clyde (1)

Coastguards (7)

Compulsory redundancy (6)

Construction (187)

Construction workers (136)

Corus (35)

Council workers (91)

CWU (241)

Dockers (10)

Docks (7)

Drivers (81)

DVLA (16)

DWP (118)

Electricians (62)

EPIU (3)

FBU (159)

Fiddlers Ferry (9)

Firefighters (137)

Ford (86)

Fujitsu (9)

Gate Gourmet (7)

General Motors (11)

Glaxo Smith Kline (1)

GMB (138)

Health and safety (39)

Heinz (6)

Honda (7)

Jaguar (16)

Jane Norman (1)

Jarvis (6)

JCB (8)

JIB (6)

JJB Sports (4)

Jobcentre (32)

Jobs (1087)

Journalists (55)

Lecturers (65)

Linamar (40)

Lindsey (38)

Lindsey Oil Refinery (25)

Local government (125)

London underground (102)

LOR (12)

Lucas Aerospace (1)

Manufacturing (31)

Metro (26)

Metronet (13)

Milford Haven (8)

Miners (121)

Ministry of Justice (8)


Natfhe (10)

National Grid (1)

NUJ (51)

Nurses (57)

NUT (269)

Oilc (4)

Outsourcing (15)

PCS (644)

People's Charter (1)

Peugeot (8)

Pfizer (3)

POA (54)

Port workers (2)

Postal dispute (25)

Postal workers (122)

Printers (1)

Prison officers (30)

Railworkers (8)

RCN (9)

Redundancies (69)

Redundancy (6)

Refinery (31)

Refuse workers (7)

Remploy (49)

Reps (27)

RMT (454)

Rover (30)

Saltend (18)

Seafarers (6)

Shelter (15)

Shipyard (3)

Shop Stewards (156)

Siemens (3)

Single status (27)

Sita (5)

Social workers (7)

Sodexo (4)

Stagecoach (12)

Staythorpe (1)

Steel (25)

Strike (1996)

Superdrug (3)

Supermarket (18)

Teachers (324)

Textile (7)

TGWU (54)

Thomas Cook (1)

Total (6)

Toyota (1)

Trade union (239)

Trade Union Freedom Bill (4)

Trade unions (173)

Train drivers (13)

TSSA (26)

Tube Lines (3)

Tube workers (34)

Tubelines (3)

Twinings (2)

UCATT (20)

UCU (113)

Unfair dismissal (7)

Unions (577)

Unison (739)

Unison witchhunt (5)

Unite (471)

Usdaw (54)

Vauxhall (22)

Vestas (24)

Visteon (87)

Volkswagen (2)

Waterford Crystal (1)

Wedgwood (1)

Whipps Cross (46)

Zero-hour contracts (65)

Reports and campaigns:

Anti-capitalism (866)

Anti-fascist (404)

Anti-racism (470)

Anti-war (1084)

Asylum (99)

Black and Asian (270)

Children (222)

CNWP (108)

Corporate crime (2)

Disability (149)

Education (2828)

Election campaigns (1492)

Environment (446)

Finance (28)

Food (198)

Health and safety (16)

Health and welfare (172)

Housing (578)

Human Rights (254)

LGBT Pride (91)

Local government (1575)

Local services (2559)

Low pay (145)

Migration (19)

Nationalisation (67)

New workers party (358)

NHS (1257)

Pensions (591)

Post Office (170)

Poverty (362)

Privatisation (727)

Public Services (704)

Socialism (519)

Sport (135)

Stop the slaughter of Tamils (68)

Students (1285)

The state (939)

Transport (366)

TUSC (584)

Welfare rights (489)

Women (469)

Workplace and TU campaigns (6290)

Youth (1518)

Related websites

Youth Fight For Jobs

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

National Shop Stewards Network

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Workplace and TU campaigns / Unions

Watford Socialist Party member Sajith Attepuram, photo Senan

Watford Socialist Party member Sajith Attepuram, photo Senan

18 February 2015

Preparing the forces to fight capitalist austerity

On 14-15 February, branch delegates and visitors gathered at 2015 Socialist Party congress to discuss and debate the key political developments internationally and in Britain, and to map out the party's tasks over the next 12 months

More ...

18 February 2015

Labour council to deal 'savage blow' to Coventry

On 24 February, councillors in Coventry will deal a savage blow to our city. They will vote on a budget making £15 million in cuts

More ...

28 January 2015

Strike called off in face of inadequate pay offer

The Unison Health Service Group Executive (SGE) voted to suspend NHS England strike action scheduled for 29 January

More ...

21 January 2015

Safeguarding PCS against vicious Tory attacks

As the Tories threaten to increase Britain's draconian anti-trade union laws beyond the general election, thousands of trade union reps across the trade union movement are even now facing huge cuts in their facility time

More ...

Plans for a 24-hour general strike to stop cuts must be brought to the top of the agenda of all trade unions. , photo Arti

10 December 2014

Reject the lie that is austerity

Trade unions must now act to resist Osborne offensive: On Wednesday 3 December the Tories declared all-out war on the working class and all our futures. The Autumn Budget Statement has been described as a “Book of Doom”

More ...

Hull city council's survey (left) and the unions' response

3 December 2014

Hull city council: a tale of two surveys

Provocative staff survey clearly designed to help slash workers' terms and conditions

More ...

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition stands for rent control and building council housing, photo Waltham Forest TUSC

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition stands for rent control and building council housing, photo Waltham Forest TUSC

26 November 2014

Housing crisis! What do socialists say?

The housing crisis is hitting everyone in the face. The mainstream press, politicians and economists all feign concern. Not to mention the real concern of those of us actually affected by it!

More ...

26 November 2014

North-west TUSC conference: "People are looking for an alternative"

Crammed conference maps out plans for next year

More ...

26 November 2014

Workplace news in brief

Crane drivers' wage lift: Crane drivers at HTC Plant have won a 14% pay increase following strike action on 7 November

More ...

Midwives in Gateshead, photo E Brunskill

Midwives in Gateshead, photo E Brunskill

26 November 2014

Health workers walkout in second NHS pay strike

Nurses, cleaners, porters, midwives, occupational therapists, paramedics, scientists, radiographers, admin, catering, security staff and other NHS staff in England took part in a second four-hour strike on Monday 24 November

More ...

People's March for the NHS, London, September 2014, photo Bob Severn

19 November 2014

Workers unite to defend the NHS

NHS workers in England will once again be striking for four hours on Monday 24 November from 7am. This time the action has been stepped up as more health unions - eleven in total - will be taking part

More ...

19 November 2014

Fighting for decent working conditions

Zero-hour, minimum wage, and no chairs: The Conservative Party boasts it has 'created new opportunities for youth' and 'got Britain working again'

More ...

19 November 2014

Leaked document reveals union busting plan

PCS vice-president John McInally spoke to the Socialist about the government's attacks on the civil servants' union

More ...

14 November 2014

Local government unions accept shabby pay deal

Local government unions have accepted the employers' pay proposal

More ...

12 November 2014

What recovery? Thousands more jobs axed

Rolls Royce: The Con-Dems much vaunted economic recovery is a mirage judged by the recently announced large scale job cuts affecting manufacturing and the service sector

More ...

NHS pay dispute: Dedication doesn't pay the bills

NHS pay dispute: Dedication doesn't pay the bills

5 November 2014

Back fresh strikes to save the NHS

None of the main parties will be satisfied until the NHS is a dried up, ruined husk

More ...

Part of the 18 October 2014 'Britain needs a pay rise' TUC demo, photo Paul Mattsson

22 October 2014

Priced out? Strike back!

Workers need a pay rise. Even Alan Milburn apparently agrees. As 100,000 people marched against low wages, this ex-New Labour minister come coalition-appointed 'social mobility tsar' released a damming report. Britain is becoming 'permanently divided' into haves and have-nots

More ...

Socialist Alternative members on the People's Climate March in New York, 21 September 2014, photo Socialist Alternative

22 October 2014

Socialist change to halt climate change

Chris Baugh, deputy general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS), spoke to the Socialist about the recent mass public protests over global warming which preceded the United Nations summit in New York on climate change

More ...

22 October 2014

100,000 march against cuts and for a wage rise

Around 100,000 trade unionists and supporters attended the TUC's 'Britain Needs A Pay Rise' demonstration in London on Saturday 18 October

More ...

22 October 2014

The unions' pay battle must continue

The local government pay dispute is hanging by a thread, also putting at risk the prospect of large-scale coordinated industrial action this side of the general election

More ...

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