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8 December 2010

Organising a college walkout

Sixty students from Haberdasher Aske's Hatcham College in New Cross Gate joined the central London protests on 24 November. They were led by Jack Jordan, a year 11 student from the school. I interviewed him to find out a bit more about building for the walk-out.

Jack had been thinking about joining the protest with a few of his friends, when he realised that there were a lot more students interested too.

He created a Facebook group, which had over 100 members in three days. It was gradually noticed that with so many people going, the most effective course of action was to stage a walkout, and meet up with students from nearby Goldsmiths University.

The number of students that took part in the walk out made it impractical to punish them when they returned to school.

Jack also attributes the lack of reprisals to a statement from the National Union of Teachers that pledged its 'strong support' for students and teachers in the struggle against tuition fees.

Jack also spoke of the importance of making any action as well publicised as possible, and open to everyone.

Tom Jousselin