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3 December 2014

Stop academies in Lewisham

Local teachers and other supporters recently established the Stop Academies in Lewisham campaign (SAiL). At least five secondary schools in Lewisham borough are considering academy status: Bonus Pastor, Hilly Fields, Ladywell Fields, Prendergast Vale and Sedgehill. SAiL plans widespread activity.

Lewisham Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) stands for fully funded comprehensive education under local authority control and opposes all forms of privatisation. TUSC fully supports SAiL.

James Kerr, Lewisham TUSC organiser and teacher said: "These are further attacks on comprehensive education. Staff, parents, governors and the local community must organise to keep schools under local authority control, both to protect staff pay and conditions and ensure the needs of all children in the borough are met, without the increased competition and division created by privatisation".

Former Lewisham Socialist Party councillor and recent TUSC candidate Chris Flood, said: "TUSC stands with the NUT and other unions in defending education in the borough against cuts and privatisation. The Lewisham Hospital campaign showed that when people organise and campaign we can win. TUSC will be lending our full support to SAiL and to NUT members taking action against the proposals".

Martin Powell-Davies, SAiL convenor and Lewisham NUT secretary, is a member of the TUSC national steering committee. TUSC's national steering committee recently endorsed the NUT's 'Stand up for education' manifesto.