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6 September 2017

Strike together for better pay

NSSN lobby of TUC 10 September

This summer has seen a wave of strikes. Now we need determined coordinated action across the public sector to smash the pay cap and fight for a 10 an hour minimum wage for all.

The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) is again organising a rally at the TUC Congress in Brighton on Sunday 10 September. Over five million public sector workers have seen their income plummet because of the Tory pay cap.

The rally will bring together the leaders of some of the most militant unions with union reps and activists from the many disputes that have broken out this summer.

This action shows the support that pay strikes across the public sector would get from workers everywhere who are suffering at the moment. It's time to fight together!

Fight together to scrap the Tory pay cap!