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8 November 2017

Obituary: Paul Randall, 1959-2017

Mike Forster, Huddersfield Socialist Party

Huddersfield Socialist Party is very sad to announce the passing away of one of our long-standing members at the age of 58.

Paul Randall was a former sheet metal worker and founding member of our Huddersfield branch in the 1980s. He was active in the Labour Party Young Socialists, and played an important role in building support for our ideas across the area.

Paul was an active participant in the anti-poll tax struggle, helping to build the non-payment campaign which led to the defeat of the hated tax.

Even in more difficult times for the branch, Paul remained loyal to our ideas, and played an active part in some of the town's social movements.

Tragically he suffered a vicious assault the following decade and suffered ill health and a long-term disability thereafter. This limited his ability to commit to activity.

More recently he had been more active in his Unite Community branch and its regular activities outside Huddersfield jobcentre. From 2015, Paul was a regular on our campaign stalls in town, and played an active part in our general election campaign as well as standing for TUSC in the local elections in the Newsome ward.

Paul was especially active in 'Hands Off HRI' hospital campaign activities, and turned out twice a week for our stalls until ill health caught up with him.

Even after being hospitalised, he would return to our stalls, not heeding our advice to rest. He always turned out even if it was to collect his weekly copy of the Socialist.

Paul will be remembered for his commitment, dedication and dry sense of humour. His funeral will take place on 13 November, 2pm at Huddersfield Crematorium in Fixby. The collection will go towards the Hands Off HRI legal challenge.