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24 January 2018

Southampton: Pay rise for uni boss, job losses for lecturers

Josh Asker, Southampton Socialist Party

Universities in England have become a microcosm of capitalism. At Southampton University the vice-chancellor has awarded himself a pay rise to 424,000, while at the same time making plans to sack over 50 lecturers.

Socialist Students' campaigning in Southampton has pressured the student union into action. A referendum has been held where 91% of the 2,000 plus students asked said that the vice-chancellor's pay should be cut as part of the university restructure.

What the student union will do with this mandate is unclear. But Socialist Students knows what it takes to beat the bosses. We will mobilise students in their anger about the fat cat pay and in defence of their lecturers.

Linking this to the ideas of socialism, that universities should be run in the interests of students and their workers.