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11 July 2018

Issue 1000 drive shows sales potential

John Dolan, North London Socialist Party

Our branch organised a lot of extra sales activities for issue 1000 of the Socialist, which meant we almost trebled our normal weekly sales.

In addition to usual activities of Saturday stalls, tube sales and selling at local demonstrations (such as the housing lobby of the Haringey council cabinet) we added extra street and tube station sales, with varying levels of success.

One planned tube sale had to be cancelled due to train delays!

Branch members sold issue 1000 at work, on trade union activities, the trades union council and at a festival.

Two members also did a public sale immediately after work, selling 13 copies in under an hour. There were many school students around at that time, and our branch is planning to return to this area to leaflet for the Trump walkout and other protests on 13 July.

The week showed the potential to increase the regular sales in our branch area.