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4 December 2019

Royal Mail court ruling - national reps meeting and solidarity action essential

The High Court has dismissed the appeal by the Communications Workers Union (CWU) against the scandalous decision to stop the postal workers taking national strike action in Royal Mail, despite winning its strike ballot with an incredible 97% yes vote on a 76% turnout. This dispute, and indeed the very right of the CWU to be able to organise and defend its members, is on the line.

Gary Clark, Socialist Party member and branch secretary of CWU Scotland no.2 branch said: "The whole labour and trade union movement must immediately come to the aid of the CWU. There should be an emergency TUC general council, which Jeremy Corbyn should attend. It should discuss solidarity demonstrations and action."

In the remaining days of the general election, Jeremy Corbyn should appeal directly to the 110,000 CWU posties and their families and the many other workers who are furious about the strike ban.

He should emphasise his polices of repealing Tory anti-union laws as well as bringing Royal Mail back into public ownership. This would include the removal of Royal Mail's bullying and anti-union management.


This court decision was in the same week as Boris Johnson threatened to go even further than his Tory predecessors - Thatcher, Major and Cameron - in wanting to bring in new anti-union legislation. It is targeted at the rail unions but would be rolled out to all unions.

The CWU postal executive is meeting as the Socialist goes to print. Socialist Party members in the CWU believe that an emergency reps meeting is vital for a debate about where next in the dispute.

Alongside discussing further appeals and a re-ballot, a clear strategy of action can keep the campaign focused. This could include another national gate meeting day, where workers refuse to go back to work. Or a London protest outside Royal Mail HQ, with an appeal to other trade unions to support it.

The Parcelforce force strike ballot is still live and they could still take action this year, which the whole union movement needs to get behind them.

Support the CWU and the posties. Defend the right to strike!