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22 July 2009


Every little helps Tesco's as they attack workers

Around 750 workers at the Tesco distribution centre in Chepstow are voting over strike action against the company's decision to move the centre across the river Severn to Avonmouth, which is only eight miles away.

Mike John, Newport Socialist Party

Tesco say that all staff will be offered jobs in the new centre, but they will have to sign new contracts, which will mean a reduction in salary from 24,000 a year to 16,000 and pensions down from 4,000 to 2,500.

Tesco, a multinational company, made 3 billion in profits last year, which was a record in the company's history.

The company have offered the staff a compensation package to take into account the toll on the Severn bridge, but this would only cover the first two years.

The package was recommended by Unite union officials but was rejected by the membership.

This is a deliberate ploy by Tesco to make savings in the recession by attacking their employees' terms and conditions under the pretext of this move. Workers are once again taking the lead in defending their terms and conditions despite the union leaders dragging their feet.