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10 March 2010

Build solidarity with Sri Lankan Tamils

On Wednesday 3 March Tamil Solidarity held a student meeting in Manchester University, with the help of the local Socialist Students society.

Lawrence Arokianathan, Tamil Solidarity, Manchester

Students wanted to find out about what is happening in Sri Lanka and how the civil war started. They could understand that repression and discrimination by the Sri Lankan ruling class against Tamil-speaking people pushed young people towards armed struggle. Students also asked and learned about the Tamil Solidarity campaign and how it is fighting to achieve freedom for the oppressed Sri Lankan Tamil-speaking people.

Students are keen to help pass a motion supporting the TS campaign at Manchester University student union general meeting on 17 March. They are going to help with Tamil Solidarity campaign stalls to get students to the general meeting, when we need 300 students to attend.

Grant asylum to the Merak Tamil-speaking refugees

An international day of action marked the 150th day of suffering for refugees denied asylum rights and held on a boat in Merak harbour, Indonesia. See