Mick Lynch addresses CWU strike rally, photo Paul Mattsson
Mick Lynch addresses CWU strike rally, photo Paul Mattsson

Cheers for taking wealth from rich – anger at Starmer’s Labour

Theo Sharieff, South West London Socialist Party

Over 1,000 attended the launch rally of the ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign in Clapham. With trade union speakers like Mick Lynch of the transport union RMT, Dave Ward of the Communication Workers Union, as well as Jo Grady of the University and College Union – who have been collectively leading national strikes involving hundreds of thousands of workers – people were enthusiastic to hear about how the fight against inflation austerity and the Tory government could be built further.

Speakers talked about the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and the effects of decades of privatisation and austerity on spiralling wealth inequality, and the collapse in living standards for working-class and young people. Every mention of taking the wealth out of the hands of the rich to provide what the majority need – decent jobs, council housing, fully funded public services run for social need instead of profit – was met with massive cheers.

There was also palpable anger in the room at Starmer’s Labour Party – which has clearly come out in support of the bosses in the current strike wave, punishing Labour representatives who dare to show support for striking workers.

That is why Socialist Party leaflets calling for the building of a new mass workers’ party, which the trade union movement would have to play a central role within, as well as the further coordination of the strike wave were taken with great enthusiasm from the crowd as the rally ended.