Miners 1984-94, A Decade of Endurance, Joe Owens, Polygon, Edinburgh 1994

Digging Deeper, Huw Benyon (editor) London 1985

Strike, 358 Days that Shook the Nation, Sunday Times Insight team, Coronet 1985.

The Enemies Within, Ian MacGregor with Rodney Tyler, Fontana 1985

Scargill the Unauthorised Biography, Paul Routledge, Harper Collins 1993

The Communist Party of Great Britain since 1920, James Eadie and David Renton. Palgrave publishers, 2002)

Militant and Militant International Review 1984-85

The Rise of Militant, Peter Taaffe, Militant Publications, London 1994

Liverpool the City that Dared to Fight, Tony Mulhearn and Peter Taaffe, Fortress books, London 1988

One of Us, Hugo Young, Pan Books edition, London 1993

The Enemy Within, Seumas Milne, Verso, London 1994

The Great Strike, Alex Callinicos and Mike Simons, Socialist Workers’ Party, London 1985

Strikes and the Media, Nicholas Jones, Blackwell, Oxford 1986

Policing the Miners’ Strike, edited by Bob Fine and Robert Millar, Cobden, London 1985

Geoffrey Goodman, The Miners’ Strike, Pluto, London 1985

The Miners’ Strike, 1984-85: Loss without Limit, Martin Adeney, Routledge and Keegan Paul, London, 1986

David Jones, Media hits the pits, the media and the coal dispute. Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, 1985

The Battle for Orgreave, Bernard Jackson, Vanson Wardle, Brighton 1986, socialist books

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