Campaigning in Bristol
Campaigning in Bristol

Isai Marijerla, Socialist Party treasurer

Capitalism gives you thousands of reasons for feeling down and making you feel like you can’t change a thing. But we in the Socialist Party have a programme and ideas to change the world we live in. Everyone reading the Socialist can play help play a role in the socialist transformation of society. So that instead of struggling to survive, we could all live to our full potential.

There is enough wealth to solve the many crises facing working-class and young people, but that wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few super-rich capitalists and big businesses – whose profits have been increasing.

We say take the wealth off the super-rich, to use the resources as part of a plan to provide jobs, homes and services for all. Bring these big businesses into public ownership to be run democratically under workers’ control and management.

Workers are fighting back. We are seeing a new layer of workers taking their first strike action. And fresh campaigners are fighting on issues including ending the housing crisis, saving the NHS, for free education and more funding for our vital services.

The Socialist Party is proud to stand in solidarity with all those taking strike action and involved in the struggle to improve our living standards. We have carried articles written by workers involved in numerous struggles. Socialist Party members have taken part in rallies, protests and demonstrations for an inflation-proof pay rise for all.

Every quarter the Socialist Party has a target to raise £25,000 so that we have the tools to produce our weekly paper, monthly in-depth Marxist analysis in the Socialism Today magazine, and materials such as leaflets and pamphlets to help take the ideas of socialism to a broader audience. The current quarter ends on 2 July.

We have so far raised £15,932, from donations we have received through public activities and fundraising. At the Socialist Party’s recent South West conference, £4,310 was raised during the finance appeal, and Yorkshire regional conference raised £1,290.

Our members and supporters are based in the working class, and the donations we receive are a financial sacrifice. We want to thank all for the donations we have received.

We also want to thank all those that have contributed towards the £15,000 IT Upgrade Appeal. This ensures that the Socialist Party will have the necessary funds to upgrade the IT at the national headquarters, the design and creation of the new system, and the migration of our data from the old system to the new.  (see ‘Donate to help our party play its role in the fight for socialism’)

Be part of history: help fund the maintenance and development of our party organisation for the struggles to transform society today and for the future. Click here and but ‘IT upgrade appeal’ in the comment box.