Socialist Party members at Plymouth Pride
Socialist Party members at Plymouth Pride

The Socialist Party has had a great response bringing our socialist message to LGBTQ+ Pride events.

Nottingham – Pride is political

Denise Tooley-Okonkwo and Gary Freeman, East Midlands Socialist Party

Lots of people were coming up to our Socialist Party campaign stall. They were signing our petitions on ‘Tories out’, building a mass movement for LGBTQ+ rights, defending the NHS from Tory cuts and privatisation, and supporting the right to self-identification.

Our message, that “Pride is political” resonated. Over 80 people agreed to be contacted with more information about the Socialist Party.

Many said the event on 29 July felt like a safe space. But some also said that negative and derogatory comments by politicians and others would cancel out the positivity they felt on the day. That would bring them back to the reality of anxiety and fear they had from cuts to services and support.

This class war means we must fight against all oppression with resilience, solidarity and a socialist message.

We raised £110 for the Socialist Party. Around 25 Pride-goers bought a copy of the Socialist, and a similar number left buying our Socialist Party LGBTQ+ charter. We also told everyone about a special Socialist Party open meeting on these issues on 7 August.

Liverpool – what we face then and now

Niven Day, Liverpool Socialist Party

After the Socialist Party participated in Pride on 29 July, we hosted a public meeting on 1 August to discuss the issues that LGBTQ+ people face, and why we need a socialist alternative.

Me and Dean Young from Liverpool Socialist Party introduced the discussion about the challenges LGBTQ+ people faced both past and present. The Stonewall Riots, Section 28, and the Aids epidemic that was shamefully ignored for half a decade by US president Ronald Reagan, were all mentioned. The struggle for the liberation of LGBTQ+ people is linked to class struggle.

As it was a public meeting, members of the public and other groups not yet in the Socialist Party also joined to converse about these issues. It was a productive meeting.

Plymouth – Labour’s awful U-turn

Duncan Moore, Plymouth Socialist Party

The Socialist Party had intense conversations with many young people who signed our petition, supporting gender recognition reform to allow trans and non-binary people to self-identify.

This was one issue that differentiated us from the Labour Party, who have U-turned on this.

The Socialist Party handed out hundreds of our leaflets and sold the Socialist paper too. We also advertised the Socialist Party public meeting on LGTBQ+ liberation.