Socialist Party campaigning in Plymouth
Socialist Party campaigning in Plymouth

Alex Sampson, Plymouth Socialist Party

As we move into the final month of the Socialist Party’s July-September fighting fund quarter, Plymouth branch is delighted that we have already reached our target.

We did this in a number of ways. By fundraising to support the work of the Socialist Party on campaign stalls, picket lines, and other events, such as Plymouth Pride; as well as raising funds in other ways too – for example, selling trinkets at a local fair.


Plymouth Socialist Party isn’t resting on our laurels, however. September will see vital opportunities – freshers’ fairs for students, and a large environmental protest where we will raise socialist ideas that can combat climate change.

 Socialist Party members in Plymouth are also now planning for our October-December fighting fund target – we are collecting for a car boot sale, a Christmas raffle, and at least one Socialist Party public meeting will run alongside our usual weekly campaign stalls in the city centre and Devonport. Excitingly, new plans are also under way for more regular stalls in the university area.

Every pound raised goes to the vital work of the Socialist Party – running our national headquarters, producing socialist leaflets and other material we use on campaign stalls, picket lines, and everywhere else we meet people who need to hear of our programme for a socialist future.

Despite what the Tories and capitalist media say, the cost-of-living crisis will continue into the winter, and into next year. 2024 could be a general election year.

Tory cuts

Our socialist message needs to be heard by working people, who are being crushed by Tory cuts and ignored by the Labour Party ‘government in-waiting’. So every Socialist Party branch here in south west England is focusing on exceeding our fighting fund target to the best of our ability. 

After much discussion, Socialist Party members recognise that the uncertainty workers feel about their future has the potential to effect fighting fund donations to the Socialist Party. But to preempt that possibility, Socialist Party fighting fund organisers in the south west are working together, pooling our knowledge and experience, and coordinating our efforts to ensure we can continue to support the vital work of the Socialist Party.

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