Stop The Warmonger

George Bush suffering from the fallout over Iraq

Stop The Warmonger

BLAIR IS not the only one who is having problems with opinion polls. George Bush is also suffering from a combination of the fallout over Iraq and anger at his domestic policies.

Back in April Bush’s approval rating stood at 71%. Now half of the US population think he is doing a bad job.

That’s much lower than Papa Bush’s ratings at this stage after the last Gulf War – and he went on to lose the next presidential election. Bush must be pretty worried about his chances of being re-elected next year.

The war and occupation of Iraq are taking their toll. 50% want the US troops brought home.

Fernando Suarez is the father of a soldier killed in Iraq. He is involved in a movement against the occupation of Iraq by relatives of troops stationed out there.

He said: “My son died because Bush lied”.

“Bush wants $87 billion for this war, but what does he give us for our schools?” (Guardian 27 September)

According to Democratic senator Edward Kennedy, $87 billion would be enough to double the number of teachers in the US, give health-insurance to every working American or fund the war on cancer for 20 years.

The front runners for the nomination for the Democratic presidential candidate, General Wesley Clarke and Howard Dean, are presenting themselves as anti-war in order to pick up on the mood of discontent.

But the Democrats offer no real alternative to the American working-class. Like Bush’s republicans they represent the interests of the big corporations.

Socialist Alternative, sister organisation of the Socialist Party (England and Wales), is campaigning in the US for a new workers’ party that can fight for the interests of ordinary working people.

Bush’s administration is under fire after, apparently, leaking out the name of a CIA operative. The spy in question is the wife of former US ambassador Joseph Wilson.

It was his investigation which debunked White House claims that Iraq was buying uranium from the African state of Niger.


Blair has invited his warmongering buddy George Bush to come and visit him to “cement” their bloody friendship.

His visit is scheduled for 19-21 November. Thousands of people want to give him the welcome he deserves.

Let Bush know what you think about war, occupation and the pursuit of profit. Joint the protests and make your voice heard.

For more details contact Ken Smith, Socialist Party representative on the Stop the War Coalition national steering committee, tel 020 8988 8778