Iraq: How Many More Lies?

How Many More Lies?

THOUSANDS HAVE died in the war and occupation of Iraq. Many are still dying.

Bush and Blair claim this blood-bath and chaos is justified by their reasons for war.

Yet every day more is revealed about the lies they told.

Why did Blair say we had to go to war?

Because he said it would help “defeat terrorism”. Blair said terrorist organisations such as al-Qa’ida could get chemical or biological weapons if Saddam was not toppled.

Yet the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) revealed that Blair had been told by Intelligence chiefs that the threat from these groups would be worse if Iraq was invaded.

The collapse of the regime increased the chance of weapons finding their way into terrorist hands.

How come he ignored that bit of intelligence?

Blair said there was an imminent threat from Iraq. He backed the claim in the “dodgy dossier” that weapons of mass destruction could be deployed in 45 minutes.

Yet the government knew that many security officers disagreed with that claim being in there.

He ignored that as well!

The head of MI6 said that the 45 minute claim had been “misinterpreted” because it only referred to battlefield weapons not long range missiles. But Blair knew it was deliberately misleading – to scare people into supporting war.

Tony Woodley, leader of the Transport and General Workers’ Union says Blair must resign (see TUC report). We agree.

But we say that the whole of the New Labour government is rotten. Now is the time to build an alternative – a new mass workers’ party that will oppose the war-mongers and stand for the interests of working class people.

Build A New Workers’ Party

Demonstrate 27 September

End the occupation of Iraq.

Money for public services not war and occupation

Assemble 12 noon, Hyde Park, London. March to Trafalgar Square.

For more details contact Ken Smith the Socialist Party’s rep on the Stop the War Coalition. tel: 020 8988 8778.

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