Stoke by-election: standing For Socialism

The Socialist Party is standing in a by election in Abbey Green on 18 September. We need a socialist councillor like Dave Frost with a proven track record of fighting cuts and privatisation to give a voice on the council to working class people.

Mandy Marfleet, Stoke Socialist Party

A vote for all the other parties is a wasted vote. Labour, Tory, Liberal Democrats, Independent or BNP – none of them will fight for more money for the local area and for Stoke.

They all support big business and the market – meaning cuts, privatisation and tax increases.

As well as raising the council tax the city council are already planning to close Brookwood care home in Blurton and to sell-off our bin collection service to a private company – this will mean cuts in wages and conditions and a poorer service.

Over the last 20 years, first under the Tories and then New Labour, we have seen our public services run down and privatised, no new council houses have been built and our estates have deteriorated.

The NHS and the education system are in crisis and year after year factories close to be replaced by part time, low paid Mcjobs.

The divisive, racist policies of the BNP are a blind alley – to change things we need a new mass workers’ party that will unite working class people, not divide them.

That’s what the Socialist Party is fighting for.

Elect Dave Frost and we will have a socialist voice on the council. Dave will oppose the council’s policy of cuts and privatisation and demand that a budget is set based on what Stoke really needs to improve jobs and services.

The council should then fight and campaign to win that money from the government.

That’s what Liverpool city council did in the 80s and they won!

Make sure you vote for Dave Frost – your voice on the council.

But don’t just vote Socialist Alternative. Join the Socialist Party and help us build a real socialist alternative.

  • No To 20% Council Tax Rise
  • No To Selling Off Our Services
  • No To £68,000 A Year Mayor

  • Yes To A Needs Budget And The Return Of All The Money Stolen From Stoke By The Government
  • For A New Workers’ Party

Vote Dave Frost, Socialist Alternative, On 18 September