No To Victimisation Of Union Activists

IN A blatant attempt to victimise union activists, Waltham Forest council is disciplining two library workers for walking out and joining the protests on Day X when war with Iraq started.

The council had promised flexibility to its workers on Day X. 3,000 striking school and college students gathered in Walthamstow.

Nancy Taaffe, UNISON co-convenor in the libraries and Socialist Party member, and another library worker walked out to join them as did people in many different workplaces.

This was the war no one wanted. The chaos of the occupation of Iraq and the blatant lies told by New Labour show that the millions who campaigned against it were right.

The council, in contravention of its original agreement, is now disciplining these two library workers. This is clear victimisation.

Library workers have been battling against attacks on the service and their working conditions.

The council have tried to reduce staffing levels and force them into working in unsafe conditions. The library workers are a major obstacle to the council’s attempts to privatise and cut back services.

UNISON co-convenor Nancy is known throughout the council as a campaigner for jobs and services.

Public meeting

Defend Day X protesters

Thursday 18 September 7.30pm.

William Morris Centre, Greenleaf Rd, Walthamstow E17.

Speakers: George Galloway MP (invited); Nancy Taaffe; Clare James, ISR representative on Stop the War Coalition steering committee.