Rail Gourmet strikers. Photo: Northern SP
Rail Gourmet strikers. Photo: Northern SP

Norman Hall, South Tyne and Wearside Socialist Party

Members of the RMT rail union employed by the Rail Gourmet company, which is sub-contracted by TransPennine Express to provide catering services on its trains, once again took to the picket lines. 

Despite Rail Gourmet making £1.4 million in profit in the year to September 2022, the company continues to refuse to match the pay or terms and conditions available to people in the same roles on trains run by other operators.  

The mood of the strikers remains solid. Even though talks with ACAS are due within the next week, there is no support for cancelling further action while in discussions. 

This is the seventh occasion the workers have taken action and, unless Rail Gourmet starts to make serious offers in the face of the continued cost-of-living crisis, it won’t be the last.