Young people agree with what Socialist Party is fighting for

Why I joined the Socialist Party

Ezra Bell, Swindon Socialist Party

I am really not happy with how things are. So when my friend Eris started talking about Marxism, and how she was involved with the Socialist Party, it got me interested.

Seeing only one or two parties ever get voted in made me question a few things. Why, after so many years of terrible leadership, do these people still get voted in? Why do people not vote for the other parties that actually want to defend people’s rights, and work to achieve more equal society?

We are never properly taught or exposed to other options. So, when Eris invited me to a Swindon Socialist Party meeting about LGBTQ+ rights, I was surprised and excited about how each person contributed to the discussion, with questions and answers to some of the current problems.

We need to show young people how the issues they face, common issues they share with others, can be resolved. We need to help the working class understand its potential power, so that it can take back the means of production, manage and plan the economy democratically, and create a revolution.

This is the main goal young Socialist Party members have in Swindon, to expose young people to these ideas earlier. I am sure that many agree with our party’s goals.

So, having Socialist Party campaign stalls on Saturdays, having socialist youth meetings at college, and going out to leaflet and sell the Socialist paper gives them access to information about our party – vital information that can help develop their opinions, and see that the Socialist Party is working in their favour.

We work together to show that we can actually make change.

Ezra isn’t the only young person that’s joined Swindon Socialist Party. Read what Eris said last week: ‘College students join Swindon socialists’