Javier Milei Photo: Ilan Berkenwald/CC
Javier Milei Photo: Ilan Berkenwald/CC

Daniel, Teesside Socialist Party 

Trade unions in Argentina have taken the bold step to call a general strike on 24 January to fight back against the country’s new right-wing President Javier Milei. Taking office in December 2023, Milei’s proposed economic reforms would make Margaret Thatcher blush, as he proposes to privatise vast swathes of state-owned enterprises alongside slashing workers’ rights and protections.

Milei faced a setback recently as the labour law section of his reform package was rejected by Argentina’s courts. This is undoubtedly a victory for working people and trade unions in the country. However, it is equally undoubtedly only a temporary setback for Milei.

Trade unions, led by the CGT (General Confederation of Labor) representing around three million workers, have vowed to take the fight into their own hands. This is an important step in the fightback against Milei and his wild west brand of capitalism.

A grassroots fightback, led by the trade unions and armed with a socialist programme, could not only deter the government from further attacks on workers’ rights, but also pave the way for a socialist transformation of society.