Why I joined the Socialist Party

“The Socialist Party is a breath of fresh air”

Jess Hinz, Liverpool and District Socialist Party

Growing up an observant, working-class kid, I became accustomed to feeling like something just wasn’t quite right with the world around me. The more I lived, and delved into the state of capitalist politics and media, the more it became apparent – the system is broken, and those at the top have little intention of changing what has been designed to suit them so well. Feeling daunted by it all as an individual, I was unsure of how to turn my desire for change into something tangible.

Being in my early twenties, Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign in 2016 was the first time my young wannabe-activist self, along with countless others, was presented with the idea that things could be different. However, it has now been made incredibly clear to me that the Labour leadership is not concerned with the lives of the many.

By upholding the interests of the capitalist class and big business above all else, all that is on offer is growing economic inequality, systemic injustices and a never-ending cycle of war and crisis. I realised I couldn’t support a party like that in good conscience.

My first contact with the Socialist Party was speaking to a now fellow student member at a stall near my university. I remember being inspired by the dedication I saw. After getting involved myself, I’ve found that the Socialist Party is the breath of fresh air I’ve been gasping for ever since Corbyn’s defeat.

Since joining, I have felt energised in the active struggle for a better, more equal society where people take precedence over profits, and strengthened by being a part of an organisation that is demanding radical change.

I know that the only way we can challenge the myriad of injustices in society, domestically and internationally, is through collective action, and I’m proud to be with the Socialist Party.