Scott Jones, May Day greetings campaign organiser

Millions of days of strike action have taken place in the last couple of years as workers fight back. Picket lines are now part of the landscape almost everywhere – outside stations and hospitals and on industrial estates and high streets.

A feature of many of these picket lines is the Socialist newspaper, as Socialist Party members join these workers in struggle as supporters, or as workers on strike themselves. These hundreds of struggles, including many victories, are reported every week in the pages of the Socialist.

The Socialist carries reports of these strikes, quotes from the workers, and an industrial strategy to take disputes forward and win, such as against the new anti-union minimum service levels legislation.

We put forward a socialist programme against the Israeli assault on Gaza at every Palestine demonstration too.

It’s clear that the rest of the media does not do this, either repeating misinformation or only putting forward the bosses’ side of things. We need organised workers to support the alternative – the Socialist.

So celebrate International Workers’ Day 2024 in the traditional workers’ movement way, by sending May Day greetings to help fund the Socialist. May Day is an annual celebration of workers’ struggle against capitalism. Its origins lie in the general strike for an eight-hour working day. Each year, we ask groups of workers and trade unionists to support the Socialist newspaper and its revolutionary, anti-war, pro-working-class ideas by financing a May Day greeting.

Can your trade union branch, community campaign, workplace colleagues, trade union council, or student society send us a donation and short message of solidarity? We publish these each year on International Workers’ Day to help fund the socialist press.

The Socialist says what most people are thinking: “Get the Tories out!” We will be supporting workers fighting to defend pay, conditions and services, even if it is against a Starmer-led government. The best way to prepare for that is to take steps towards the development of a new mass workers’ party now.

Help us get that message out there and continue to report and support workers in struggle by backing the paper that backs the working class.