At last we will see the back of the Tories!
…but Starmer promies more of the same
Get ready to fight back

9-10 November, central London

Tickets and info:
20% discount ends 30 June

Are you an anti-war activist? A trade unionist? A student activist? A community campaigner? A socialist? Or interested in getting involved and learning more?

Socialism 2024 is a weekend event to celebrate the end of the Tories – and get ready for the battles ahead!

Taking place on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November, the Socialism weekend will coincide with a new government being formed in Britain. We will finally see the back of the Tory government! Even they recognise this!

But the Starmer government is pledged to model itself on Thatcher who destroyed workers’ living standards in the service of the capitalist class.

However, a mass movement of working class people brought Thatcher down!

Bringing together hundreds of socialists, trade unionists, students, community campaigners, young workers and more, Socialism 2024 will be a place to discuss what next!

A major rally on Saturday 9 November, 5.30-7.30pm, will feature leading socialists and trade union fighters in Britain. Join hundreds of socialists for this!

You will be able to choose from 35 different workshops, with topics covering contemporary issues, campaigning, Marxist theory, history, internationalism and fighting oppression, war and racism.

Socialism is an opportunity to discuss, learn, share ideas and experience with those involved – or wanting to be involved in the fightback.

There will be a free crèche. You can book a ‘golden’ ticket that includes a night at a hostel. There will be a big social after the rally to keep the discussions going!

Tickets are priced at low-waged/unwaged, waged, or solidarity levels so everyone can afford to attend this event.

See or phone 020 8988 8777