TUSC and no-cuts independent standing in Sheffield

Liam Ball, Sheffield South East Socialist Party

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) launched its campaign for all 28 Sheffield wards, as well as announcing its parliamentary candidates ahead of the general election, in a well-attended public meeting.

Speaking were Sahar Awadallah, a local health worker and Palestinian peace activist, and Mick Suter, a Socialist Party member, and TUSC parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Heeley in the general election.

Mick is going against Labour MP Louise Haigh, a Starmer loyalist who recently announced that the Labour Party would not renationalise any industry if it wins the general election.

Since then, TUSC has stepped down in one ward for the 2 May council election, after discussions with a local community group in Darnall, wanting to put their own anti-war candidate forward. Darnall Independents has agreed to carry our no-cuts platform, alongside their anti-war stance, as a condition for TUSC standing down.

If elected, Qais, the Darnall Independent candidate, like all TUSC candidates, is committed to campaign and vote against any cuts or privatisation of council services. We have raised with the Darnall Independents about their candidate standing under the TUSC banner.

Members of the Socialist Party and TUSC then attended the Darnall Independents’ campaign launch at their mosque, which more than 100 members of the community attended.

Socialist Party member and TUSC election agent Alistair Tice spoke on the reasons for standing down, as well as why we asked for a no-cuts policy to be considered.

We were very warmly received, as were our anti-austerity ideas. We stayed for an hour after the meeting, continuing the discussion with dozens of attendees.

Many said they were inspired by the Rochdale by-election, and of their disgust in Keir Starmer’s stance on what is happening in Palestine. All agreed it was time for change and that potential success could motivate other groups from working-class areas to challenge the political status quo.

TUSC is still standing in Sheffield’s other 27 wards, and we will carry our fight against cuts and war to the ballot box and beyond