Reading Socialist Party campaigning
Reading Socialist Party campaigning

Melanie Dent, Reading Socialist Party

Are you aware that 44 of Reading’s 48 councillors voted for a cuts budget on 27 February? Not to mention a 2.99% council tax increase for the coming year.

As a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate, this is a question that I will be asking Reading residents in the run-up to the May council elections. Alongside rent increases, and £8.5 million more cuts by the Labour council, things look pretty bleak for local residents.

This is my second time standing for TUSC. We are campaigning against cuts.

The local bus service is owned by the council. But many routes have been cut back, and services are not regular enough, especially at peak times through residential areas.

If they prefer people to use public transport, they’re really not selling us on it. Constant complaints at bus stops on routes I use are about frequency, roadworks and diversions, not to mention the cost.

I will be taking up these, and other local issues in my TUSC campaign, as will others. We need to get the TUSC name out there, and say no to cuts and austerity.

Melanie is the TUSC candidate in Redlands