Cardiff Socialist Party Stall
Cardiff Socialist Party Stall

Chris Newby, national fighting fund organiser

The Socialist Party has a target of £25,000 to reach every quarter through public activities and fundraising. Achieving this is vital for us to have the necessary funds for our campaigning materials – leaflets, posters, placards and more. Our branches work hard to achieve their share of the target by organising various activities, but mainly through receiving donations in support of our ideas, which provide a socialist alternative to the current crisis of capitalism.

If you are already a member of the Socialist Party, contact your branch secretary to get more involved. If you are not yet a member but agree with us, what can you do to help us reach our £25,000 fighting fund target this quarter?

Many Socialist Party members over the next few weeks will be involved in election campaigns involving extra campaign stalls and canvassing. These will be great opportunities for raising extra fighting fund, and if you see us, why not stop for a chat?

Everything raised will help make sure that we can get our socialist message out as widely as possible.

Last quarter we smashed our target, raising a brilliant £37,498 – 150% of the target. This was mainly raised by the excellent campaigning work Socialist Party branches did around many different issues, but particularly putting out our socialist message on the Gaza demos and the movement to defend jobs at Tata Steel.

Socialist Party members and supporters also responded really well to the fighting fund appeal at our annual Congress in March. Our members have worked hard to reach this target and we thank all our members and supporters for making it possible.