Sally campaigning in a previous election
Sally campaigning in a previous election

Sam Hey, Manchester and Salford Socialist Party

Socialist Party member Sally Griffiths is standing for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), as the only anti-cuts, anti-war candidate in the Salford mayoral election. Sally’s anti-austerity policies make a stark contrast to the Conservative, Green, and Labour candidates she stands against. The Lib Dems and Reform couldn’t even put forward a candidate!

George Galloway’s win in the Rochdale by-election proved the appetite in Greater Manchester for a political alternative that represents the working class. The Socialist Party is already a presence in Salford, and we have been doubling our efforts with even bigger campaign stalls, and stronger presence at political events.

A proud trade unionist, Sally is confident taking her political programme to the streets of Salford. She opposes all cuts to council jobs, services, pay, and conditions.

The current mayor, Labour’s Paul Dennett, is paid £69,903, making him out of touch with what working-class people in Salford earn. If elected, Sally with only accept the average wage of a skilled worker in Salford.

The capitalist parties stand idly by, as local authorities issue section 114 notices, limiting spending to only ‘statutory’ services. They are ignoring the crisis caused by their own politics.

If you oppose cuts to council services, and believe that the main capitalist politicians don’t represent your views, then vote TUSC.

Sally Griffiths in also standing in Eccles ward in the Salford council elections