Iain Dalton, Leeds Socialist Party

Parents campaigning against the closure of their Little Owls’ nurseries by Leeds Labour council have made a freedom of information request. Parents asked for the review documents that the proposed closures were based. They got the response: “There is no rationale document or consultation papers currently, as the delegates decision report is unfinished”.

Some nurseries were due to close as early as May, now delayed until August. On what basis?

Parents are set to lobby the council’s executive board on 17 April demanding answers. Why won’t they share their review documents with parents? Or are they simply making up the cuts as they go along?

The campaign is drawing up pledges for local election candidates to respond to – pledging opposition to the proposals, and calling on the council to work with parents, communities, and trade unions to demand the funding necessary to maintain the nurseries.

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates fully support the campaign. We have been out building for the rally and march at Gipton North Little Owls on Saturday 20 April at 10am, door knocking on streets near the nursery, and getting a great response from local residents.

Iain Dalton is the TUSC candidate in Gipton & Harehills. TUSC is standing seven candidates across Leeds.

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