You can help fund our campaigning

Roy Wills, Waltham Forest Socialist Party

Thank you for buying this paper. If you paid more than £1 for it, then you deserve a special thank you, because you have contributed to the Socialist Party ‘fighting fund’. By this, we mean money used for the continuous expenses in running a political party, like the printing and distribution of papers and leaflets, hiring of premises for meetings, and paying for heating and lighting.

As we know, people rightly do not part with their money for any old reason. That’s why, when we’re campaigning, we lead with what we stand for, our plan of action, and how we truly believe that socialism is the only hope left – the political case.

Members of the public often respond favourably when they are made aware of the truth about socialism, and not the media myth. That’s why it’s so important to put the message out there in person.

As the fighting fund coordinator for the Socialist Party in Waltham Forest in east London, I am responsible for gathering together the disparate financial contributions to the party from supporters in the local area, and channelling them towards a quarterly target. This involves planning, encouraging and enabling.

You may have made a donation at a public meeting, at a campaign stall in town, or through meeting one of us whilst commuting. Our supporters inadvertently sell the Socialist simply through reading it on public transport and arousing interest – you don’t see our headlines anywhere else!

Whether or not you are a member of the Socialist Party, you can still make a financial contribution. You can help us reach our fighting fund target this quarter.