COP26 in Glasgow 2021. Photo: Socialist Party Scotland
COP26 in Glasgow 2021. Photo: Socialist Party Scotland

Noah Eden, Sheffield North West Socialist Party

It is common for people to feel a sense of dread and worry when reading the latest updates on the climate crisis; especially when none of the capitalist politicians seem to care about it, constantly prioritising profit over planet, and continuing to exploit Earth’s natural resources.

Only a few months ago, Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, and likely future prime minister thanks to the hatred of the Tories, made a U-turn on his pledge to put £28 billion a year into green investment. This is before he is even in office!

The wealth clearly exists. Starmer is just once again making it clear Labour is a safe pair of hands for the capitalist bosses as he gears up to govern in their interests, and not ours.

Even top climate scientists are starting to feel a sense of defeat. One of them claims to feel “hopeless and broken”, and another saying: “I worry about the future my children are inheriting”.

Only 6% of the 380 top climate scientists surveyed think that the 1.5ºC limit will be achieved. Capitalist politicians, instead of doing what’s needed, are allowing companies to make record profits, as they continue to destroy the planet.

But hope is not lost. I too used to feel this sense of dread and worry, before I joined the Socialist Party.

We need to fight for nationalisation, and an economy that meets the needs of the people, and uses the planet’s resource for the good of the people, and not for profit. We need to organise and fight for an end to this system. We need to fight for socialism, as the only solution to this crisis.