Striking health workers reading the Socialist on the picket line. Photo: John GIllman
Striking health workers reading the Socialist on the picket line. Photo: John GIllman

Ian Pattison, The Socialist campaign organiser

Who speaks for workers? This general election, it’s our chance to see the back of the Tories. But, during the campaign, where will you hear working-class voices?

The right-wing capitalist media is owned by a tiny number of rich billionaires. They’ve backed 14 years of Tory austerity, and poured venom on those fighting back.

Even nominally ‘neutral’ media outlets, like the BBC, are just mouthpieces of the capitalist establishment. We can’t rely on them. That’s where the Socialist newspaper comes in.

Millions will hold their noses and vote for Keir Starmer’s Labour on 4 July, seeing it as a way to get the Tories out. Others can’t even bring themselves to do that, horrified by Starmer’s position on the war on Gaza, as well as copying Tory austerity policies and kicking out Corbyn and other left wingers.

The Socialist Party has campaigned for the biggest-possible list of workers’ candidates in the general election. A bloc of workers’ MPs in parliament could act as working-class pressure against a new Starmer Labour government doing the bidding of the capitalist class. It would be a step towards a new party for the working class.

We’ve used our paper, the Socialist, to campaign for that. And we’ll be doing the same this general election. In the Socialist, workers fighting back have the chance to raise their voice.

Wherever working-class and young people are fighting back – on picket lines, protests, community campaigns, student encampments – you will find the Socialist newspaper.

We also fight for a socialist alternative to the chaos of the capitalist parties. We say nationalise the banks and big businesses that dominate the economy, and put them under the democratic control of the working class. Fighting for that would open up the possibility of socialist policies that would transform workers’ lives.

And you can help us promote that message, join us out campaigning.

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