Mohamed Mansour. Photo: Matthew Joseph/CC
Mohamed Mansour. Photo: Matthew Joseph/CC

Jon Dale, Mansfield Socialist Party

One of the Tories’ biggest-ever donors, Frank Hester and his TPP company, has given them £15 million. Where does he get that sort of money to give away?

His private company, TPP, has profited from £135 million of contracts with the Department of Health and Social Care in under four years.

TPP’s SystmOne computer system is used by 2,700 GP practices and other parts of the NHS for record keeping and communication. Hester was paid £515,000 in 2021-22 and receives £10 million of dividends on top. No wonder he’s happy with the NHS under the Tories!

Hester made the news after former employees exposed his repeated racist and sexist comments, including a vile attack on Diane Abbott. Despite the outrage, the Tories received thousands more from from him after they were brought to light.

The Tories’ second-biggest donor, billionaire Mohamed Mansour, was a minister in President Hosni Mubarak’s government in Egypt between 2006 and 2009. That regime arrested and tortured thousands of opponents for demanding democratic and workers’ rights.

When Mansour was transport minister, 1,000 people died after a ferry capsized in the Red Sea – a preventable disaster. He resigned after the fourth fatal rail crash during his period of office.

Mansour has given the Tories £5 million, with a further £600,000 from one of his companies.

It’s no surprise the Tories are bankrolled by the rich who’ve prospered while the rest of us have endured falling living standards and crumbling public services.

However, there are reports that Tory donations are drying up, as big-business backers doubt they’ll see a return bankrolling a losing horse.

Labour is also now receiving big donations from the ultra-rich, who see Starmer and Reeves as safe guardians of their system. And they will be expecting payback from the policies of a Starmer-led government.