Tories smashed!

Build the socialist opposition

After 14 years of austerity, five prime ministers all acting in the interests of the super-rich, and the working class coming back on the scene during the strike wave, we are finally rid of the Tories.

The damage they have done to working-class lives is plain to see: shuttered council services, crumbling infrastructure and the NHS competing with council houses for longest waiting list.

So we should celebrate and demand change – for an end to the cost-of-living crisis, an end to the NHS and services starved of funding beyond recognition, and an end to the mouldy expensive housing nightmare. And if the strike wave taught us one thing, it’s what is needed to win change – mass working-class action.

Appealing to big business, Keir Starmer has committed to stick to Tory spending limits.

But on a whole number of issues – Tata Steel’s proposed closure, public sector pay recommendations, local council finances – the Starmer-led government will be tested almost immediately.

We need to be prepared and organised as soon as Starmer opens the door to 10 Downing Street. To prepare workers’ action, in the trade unions and in our communities, to fight for what we need and win. And those battles would be strengthened if there was a mass political force representing the interests of the working class.

If you want to fight for workers’ interests against those of the bosses under Starmer’s Labour government. If you’re disgusted by parties defending the worst aspects of the capitalist system – war, death and destruction. Join the Socialist Party today.

Mark Best