MEP to join Jarrow march against unemployment

“We have to strike to defend young people’s futures”

Paul Murphy, Socialist Party European parliament member (MEP) for Dublin, will be joining the Jarrow march for jobs for its final leg going into London at the end of its 330 mile journey from South Tyneside.

Paul said: “I’m proud to join this historic march, calling for the chance of a decent future for all young people. Young people all around the world are suffering the same problems.

“In Ireland, youth unemployment is approaching 30% but the government continues to cut jobs and services to pay for bailing out the financial system.

“I fully support the Jarrow march and call on all trade unions and community campaigns to do the same, as the march comes through towns and cities up and down England.

“The next step will be those trade unions taking action again themselves. I support the strike action being planned for 30th November.

“Those strikes should proudly repeat the demands of the Jarrow marchers for job creation and education opportunities.

“Governments everywhere are proving that we have to protest and strike to defend young people’s futures.”