Why I joined the Socialist Party

‘Thanks to my Tory MP’

Darren Gibson, Brighouse

I know it might sound a bit strange but I’ve got so much to thank my Tory MP for.

I sit at home waiting for a heart transplant, with plenty of time on my hands to think about what life really means to me. Every now and then I find a report that really upsets me about our government. I then write to my MP. Within a week I get a reply.

That’s why I joined the Socialist Party: my MP’s complete lack of understanding about normal working class life. He just has not got a clue.

The latest news I’ve heard is that academy schools do not have to provide food to a minimum standard of nutrition. These are the basics, the minimum we should expect is a good nutritious meal each day for our youth, working towards free school meals for all.

I know what it feels like to be dying from heart failure. I do not want our children to go through it because of a poor diet provided by our government.

If they can’t get the basics right what chance have we of a good life for all?

It’s all in the small print – most proposals are disgusting on face value, then vile when we read the small print. In my eyes there’s only one way to go, I joined the Socialist Party.