Wales: Challenging the establishment parties

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing candidates in Swansea for the 3 May council elections on a platform of opposing all cuts, no matter which party is carrying them through. TUSC candidates include trade unionists that have fought the same battles against both the current Tory/Liberal Democrat and the previous Labour government.

“As a Unison member in local government, I’ve taken strike action twice to defend my pension; once under the present Tory government and once under the previous Labour one. I honestly can’t say that it felt any different. We need a political voice that will genuinely represent trade unionists fighting to protect services, jobs and terms and conditions.”

Ronnie Job, TUSC candidate, Sketty Ward

“With jobs in jeopardy, benefits being cut, and no possibility of employment, Remploy workers have no alternative but to fight as hard as they can to protect their jobs and their factories and it is a fight that we will be taking straight to the government. Remploy factories are not for sale or closure.”

Les Woodward, TUSC candidate, Gowerton Ward and Remploy convenor