Young people stand for TUSC

“In October 2011 Youth Fight for Jobs re-created the Jarrow March for Jobs to highlight the massive rise in youth unemployment and to bring to the attention of the country the increasing hardships that young people are facing. The Jarrow march was a fantastic success but on it’s own it wasn’t going to change anything.

As a Jarrow marcher and someone who has seen and felt this government’s claims of helping the country I have been angry and frustrated.

This is why I now stand as a candidate for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) because it offers a true alternative to what all the main parties are imposing – cuts.

Ryan Preston, Leeds

In Newcastle the youth and working class are feeling the brunt of the cuts.

Youth services have been slashed; 300 council workers were made redundant in the last month, as well as services for the elderly being closed.

Last year we saw the council swing from a Lib Dem council back to a Labour council, with the backing of Unison, and it has not made a single bit of difference.

I am standing so the workers, youth and many students in South Heaton, Newcastle have a socialist alternative to vote for.

In the North East we were lucky that the riots did not make it this far but with further cuts it cannot be ruled out.

I will use my position to build a mass campaign in Heaton and beyond against ALL cuts linking it in with the local Youth Fight for Jobs group and other anti-cuts campaigns.

Paul Philips, Newcastle

I’m a candidate on the TUSC list in the London-wide list section of the London Assembly elections. TUSC means young people angry about unemployment, university fees and cuts have an alternative to the three main workfare and education cuts parties.

In Bradford West young people got involved in an election campaign to show their opposition to austerity that is denying them a future.

I’m proud that my union, PCS, in London is supporting the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign, ‘Forced Out? – Fight Back!’ which is taking up the key issue of housing for young people.

Low pay, especially affecting young people, is increasingly making a decent home in London totally unaffordable. We’ve got no choice but to fight back – at the ballot box, on the streets and on our picket lines.

Lee Vernon, London


Young Londoners: Forced out? Fight back!

Launch meeting

Tuesday 17 April 7pm

ULU, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY

Also supported by Unite 1111 housing workers’ branch