DWP tells young people to bail out big business

DWP tells young people to bail out big business

A job seeker

When I last visited the Jobcentre I was given two letters. I was told I should attach them to any CVs or job applications I sent out.

These letters were a declaration to any employers that I would be willing to work for free on a temporary work placement.

The key part in one letter says: “I am really interested in working with you and to help convince you that I am the right Person for the job I am willing to complete a Work Trail [sic] first.

“This is an opportunity for me to show you what I can do without any obligation on your part.”

(The spelling mistakes and the dubious grammar are the DWP’s.)

Not only does this try to give free labour to businesses but also this government initiative is going to see £1 billion of taxpayers’ money go to them. Any company that does give someone work experience will receive a cash incentive. None of this is seen by the person seeking a job.

I would have my expenses covered meaning bus fare (but not train fare) and a paltry £10 a week for lunch money while working full time. This does nothing to solve the sky-high levels of unemployment that exist in this country. It is an obvious attempt to exploit the younger generation who are desperate for a job.

This measure also removes the incentive from the employer to take people on with decent pay and conditions. It could also encourage them to sack current staff knowing that they have a revolving door of slave labour at their disposal.