Remploy: Welsh government offer is short of earlier promises

The Welsh government has announced with much fanfare, a scheme to support Remploy workers made redundant by the Con-Dems’ factory closure programme.

Private firms and, possibly, local authorities, will receive subsidies to take on former Remploy workers.

Swansea Socialist Party members will get the views of Remploy workers on this scheme tomorrow when we support them on their picket line.

Labour-supporting Welsh trade union leaders have hailed this as evidence of the Welsh government’s support for Remploy but it seems a long way short of earlier promises to back Remploy workers in every way possible to keep their jobs and factories open.

Remploy workers have jobs. Skilled, productive, socially useful jobs in which they are trained and experienced.

They voted by a huge majority to take strike action against the proposed closures. Their supporters in Swansea: the trades council, anti-cuts campaigners and Swansea Socialist Party, will be on the picket lines tomorrow to show support.

Join us and bring your banners and placards – Bruce Road, Swansea Industrial Park, Fforestfach.

Ronnie Job