In Brief: POA rejects pensions offer

In Brief:

POA rejects pensions offer

Members of the prison workers’ union POA have voted overwhelmingly to reject the final offer on changes to their pension scheme. The main attacks proposed are to force prison officers to work until they are 68 and to change the indexation from RPI to the generally lower measure, CPI.

On a 28.1% turnout, 88.5% voted to reject the proposals (960 for and 7,377 against).

The POA are calling on the government to engage in further discussions but “will not rule out further action”.

Churchill cleaners

Churchill cleaners working on Tyne and Wear Metro have taken further strike action against their stingy bosses who had the temerity to describe a 0% pay offer as generous!

Yet the RMT point out this is a company that has doubled its profits in the past five years and has extracted nearly £7 million from the exploitation of essential cleaning staff on the most basic pay and conditions including no sick pay, no pensions and none of the travel concessions rights enjoyed by other workers.

Speaking to the striking cleaners it is clear they are absolutely determined to battle for improved terms and conditions.

RMT member William Etchells, who was sacked by Churchill cleaners on Tyne and Wear Metro because of honest criticisms he had written on a comments box on his time sheet, has won his tribunal. The court ruled he was unfairly dismissed by Churchill.

Elaine Brunskill

DWP strike

Jobcentre staff who deal with calls from people entitled to benefits went on strike on 13 August over oppressive working conditions and unrealistic targets.

More than 6,000 PCS members in 32 call centres in England, Scotland and Wales were on strike.

Reports from the picket lines are here: