Justice for Kingsley Burrell!

Nick Hart

On Saturday 18 August 200 people marched through Birmingham to demand justice for the family of Kingsley Burrell.

In March 2011 Kingsley called 999 after he and his five year old son were threatened by a group of men. Yet when the police arrived he was held under the mental health act, despite having no record of mental health problems.

He was then kept in an institute where his family were not allowed to speak to him. He sustained mysterious injuries after police were called to an incident that took place within the unit. A few days later he died. His family have not yet been offered an explanation.

Local people, trade unionists and friends and relatives of some of the 545 people who die in state custody every year joined the peaceful demonstration.

One of Kingsley’s school friends told the Socialist: “the police act like the world’s biggest gang, looking out for the haves in society and victimising the have-nots. The plans for privatisation will only make them more corrupt. What the government should be doing is providing support for the young kids coming through now instead of cutting everything back”.