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From The Socialist newspaper, 17 October 2012

Why I joined

All three main parties have merged into one

All my life I have felt very strongly about injustice, discrimination and fairness for all. I spent all my life voting for the Labour Party, believing I was doing the right thing for all working class members of our society.

But in the last decade I became more and more disillusioned, as all the major political parties have merged into one, all of them out for themselves. The Labour Party I grew up with in the 1970s is unrecognisable today.

I decided to join the Socialist Party. I felt immediately that I was surrounded by supportive and like-minded comrades who are willing not to just talk and moan about making changes, but to actually stand up and be counted to bring about a workable and better society for us all. A fair alternative for all of us - not just the privileged few.

As a woman, it's important for me to believe that I really do have the chance to make a difference. I would urge any other women who feel like me that we have something to give and that our voices have something to say.

Please join your local party and start to do something positive for us and future generations. Your local meetings are run by some amazing people who really will help in your development.

Lynn, Birmingham

Making the world liveable

A friend recently asked me why I joined the Socialist Party. Fighting for socialism seems like the only meaningful position to take if you really want to confront the worrying trends of the 21st century.

My friend suggested that socialism is overly idealistic, to which I responded that for me socialism is not about making the world perfect, but about making it liveable; it is about justice, but it is also about long-term survival (and in many ways the two things go hand in hand).

For me socialism is about cooperation - capitalism by its very definition is antithetical to cooperation - and cooperation is above all else what we need today.

Mike, Cardiff

Fighting for our future

After many years of struggling to cope with demanding and abusive bosses, an employment tribunal claim against my employer, for detriment as a result of trade union activity, failed.

After a year of coping on my own: legal process and aggressive company solicitors, continued harassment by management and increasing poor mental health, I found myself losing all sense of purpose. I also despaired at the thought of my children's future.

As time passed following the tribunal, I looked at the Socialist Party website. For many years, I'd often pondered on the incredible humanity and heroism of Che Guevara, identifying with his own critique of and distaste for capitalism and imperialism.

I sent a text to the Socialist Party for more information and I received a phone call in response. I was informed that a meeting was to take place the following night and was invited to come along.

I met a group of very welcoming and friendly people whose political views were familiar and profoundly similar to those of my own.

Their dedication and knowledge seemed immense but, more importantly, socialism seemed to be an integral part of their lives.

I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and came away with a real sense of hope. I hope that my part in the Socialist Party will help both the Socialist Party and Committee for a Workers' International to continue to grow in numbers, strength, solidarity and political success.

New member, Yorkshire

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