Usdaw: End the partnership!

An ADM delegate

As Usdaw delegates descended on Blackpool for our ADM (conference), Morrisons have announced 689 job losses across its 490 stores as a result of introducing new technology into cash offices. Harlow could lose 800 jobs as the Tesco distribution centre there is under threat of closure.

Since last year’s ADM we have seen the disgraceful story of Tesco warehouse workers in Ireland being tagged to ‘monitor’ staff performance, the closure of many high street retail stores and also changes to Tesco’s pension. More than 170,000 staff will now have to work up to two years longer to qualify for their full pension. Disgracefully Usdaw even supported this last change!

It is imperative then that Usdaw listens to its rank and file activists and defends workers in Tesco.

Tesco have a long-term strategy of weakening our members’ terms and conditions. It is about time the industrial approach of partnership is reassessed by the union.

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